I met with Jo as I was dealing with a number of issues, firstly eating and probably drinking a little too much than what was healthy and recommended.  I also have a severe phobia about my own health and the health of my family.  Jo immediately put me at ease and assured me that it was something that she could help with and we could overcome.  Jo is very calm and friendly and I felt relaxed immediately.

After a number of sessions I could feel a difference within myself that I approached daily life with a calmness and wasn’t comfort eating and drinking as much but filling my time with other activities.  My family could also see a difference in my mood, that I was less stressed and more relaxed about every day life.  I cannot recommend Jo enough.

Weight Management

I wanted to let you know that I have been going to slimming world for two weeks and today I was slimmer of the week having lost 4lbs.  That, plus the 3lbs I lost the week before means that I have lost half a stone!  I’m so pleased, so thank you dear Jo for making me understand how the brain works and making me believe I can do it.  I’m feeling so much stronger since the first time I came to see you.  I remember to look at the positive and listen to your download every so often.